Animal Care Services

Important Items to Note in Palacios City Ordinances Regarding Animal Care

Running at large:

It shall be unlawful for any person owning, keeping, or having in his possession or control any animal, reptile or fowl, including a dog or cat, to allow such animal, reptile or fowl to run at large upon the streets, sidewalks, city beach, or public grounds of the city, or to allow any animal, reptile or fowl to run at large upon or about the residence, lots or lands of any person including the owner of such animal, reptile, or owl. Persons in violation of this section shall receive one (1) written warning with subsequent violations resulting in the issuance of citations.


Every owner of a dog or cat shall have their dog or cat vaccinated against rabies by the time it is four (4) months of age, and it shall also be revaccinated at one (1) year of age and annually thereafter. Any person moving into the city shall comply with this requirement within ten (10) days after having moved into this city. If the dog or cat has inflicted a bite on any person or other animal within the last ten (10) days, the owner of said dog or cat shall report such fact to the veterinarian who is going to administer such rabies vaccine, and such rabies vaccine shall then not be administered until after a ten-day observation period.


A person commits an offense if the person harbors a dog or cat without a current license tag for the dog or cat. Be advised that it is the owners responsibility to renew the license yearly.

Limitation on number:

No more than five (5) dogs and/or cats over the age of six (6) months shall be kept on their owner’s premises within the city limits, nor shall any person keep, house, feed, breed, or maintain more than five (5) dogs or cats over the age of six (6) months at any time within the city.

Pet Waste Disposal:

An owner, harborer, or other person in possession of a pet commits an offense if he fails to immediately remove and properly dispose of any pet solid waste or excrement the pet deposits on the public property after the pet defecates in the city on public property. While walking your dog please ensure it is leashed.


Animals owned or harbored in violation of this chapter, or any other ordinance of the city shall be taken into custody by the city animal control officer or other designated official and impounded. Stray animals shall be similarly impounded.
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Impounded Animals 1st offense: $35 2nd offense: $50 3rd + offense: $100
Fee for Surrendered Animals  $15    
Rabies Vaccination per animal $20    
Kennel Fee, per day (3day max) $5    
Sterilization Deposit  $75    
Adoption Fee per Animal  $40    
Microchip Fee (one time fee) $20